Montréal-Python is an organization with the mandate to promote the Python programming language and to help anyone interested to discover it.

The primary goal of Montréal-Python is to spread the language through sharing, teaching, and collaboration within the community of the users of this language.

Sharing between members is done through the planning of events that are inclusive for all, be it by their bilingualism or by reaching out to other communities. Our activities are organised in a framework of goodwill and collaboration.

Our events are primarily targeting Montrealers while remaining available to other international communities when possible.


We have regular meetings consisting of several short presentations followed by a longer main presentation. Everyone if free to attend and we often have snacks and drinks to foster a climate where discussions are welcome and appreciated. No particular skill level is required to enjoy the meetings since there is often a presentation for everyone, from new comers to experts.

Beside the regular meetings, we often organize code sprints and informal gatherings.

In 2014 and 2015 Montréal-Python hosted the famous North American PyCon Conference.

Code of Conduct

Read the Montréal-Python code of conduct


We have a mailing list which is relatively low volume, but has an extremely high signal to noise ratio.  We also meet on irc, in #montrealpython on freenode.net.

We announce our meetings and other activities on the mailing list and on this blog.


Montréal Python is organized by:

  • Van Duc Nguyen
  • Yannick Gingras
  • Davin Baragiotta
  • Jules Lambers
  • Ivan Savov
  • Olga Avramenko

Past Organizers